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What does the project promote?

Partners from cities across Europe have recognised, that for the public and private sector alike, there is a necessity to identify and prove who customers are when carrying out secure transactions online.

By using so-called .digital certificates., a citizen can prove who they are, when dealing with a Council or Business, just as well as if they were face to face in an office. The technology behind this is proven a nd mature and is known as PKI. public key infrastructure.

W-SPES will try to make its use more widespread by removing some of the existing obstacles and helping establish some common ways of working across the EU. There is a shortage of applications which need this technology. The partners have been working together in the earlier SPES project developing such applications and these will be shared with new partners joining the team. Similarly, there is a need for a certificate issued in one city to be recognisable in another. By setting processes for how these credentials should be issued to the citizen in a standardised way and by working on the technical aspects needed for such mutual recognition, progress was made. This work is to be taken forward.

The original partners were the cities of Prato, Saarbruecken and Sheffield. These have now been joined by the cities of Bremerhaven, Dundee, Koper and Sunderland along with participants from the provinces of Prato and Piacenza. A technical partner, Axetel, will provide valuable experience gained in the project EU-PKI.

The work of this project will enable many more kinds of transactions to be carried out online, confident that security and privacy is being taken care of. We need to create a large number of uses for the digital signature so that it becomes common place which will then encourage further applications to be developed. German businesses participating electronically in UK Public Authority tenders, a Scottish citizen managing property in Italy, a UK entrepreneur opening a business in Slovenia all become possible thanks to a digital signature scheme recognised and accepted by all of the involved countries.

Articles: Building request also necessary for gravestones: Form is sent away by E-Mail
bremerhaven writes
"(official press-realease from b.i.t. Bremerhaven) From the birth to death official formalities accompany the life of people. And even at the cemetery a building permit must be requested for the gravestone. This however is now substantially simpler: Stone-cutters can place the requests on-line.
Posted on Wednesday, May 09 @ 13:36:54 CEST (6596 reads)
Articles: The first W-SPES international workshop was successfull
prato writes
"The planned first workshop foressen by the Project dissemination planning took place last monday in Prato as scheduled. The presented material and the videos of the speeches will be available on line in few days.
Posted on Friday, March 09 @ 12:35:56 CET (6045 reads)
Articles: The W-SPES First International workshop Already scheduled
prato writes
"The First planned internation workshop for W-SPES project has been already planned in Prato (Italy) on March 5th 2007. It will be a joined avent with another eTEN project CARMEN. See the extended text of this new for further details.
Posted on Monday, January 15 @ 10:25:41 CET (6098 reads)
Articles: W-SPES presented at DIRE&FARE Italian fair
prato writes
"W-SPES project idea is being presented at the stand of Comune di Prato in the "dire&fare" fair that is taking place in Carrara (IT) from 15/11 to 18/11 2006.
Posted on Thursday, November 16 @ 00:00:00 CET (7048 reads)
Articles: Project brochures available in all the project languages
prato writes
"The project brochures are now available in all the project partners languages
Posted on Monday, November 13 @ 00:00:00 CET (6133 reads)
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